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Perspective Will Set You Free

written by Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD | October 12, 2016


Evolve yourself by discovering how to shift your perspective.

You are incredibly powerful.

But you probably aren’t aware of that.
Most people aren’t.

If you are like most people, the environment you grew up in taught you how reality works.

Coming in fresh from spirit, your parents and community welcomed you into the world of ordinary reality.

You were an enormous sponge, taking it all in at such an incredible rate that you became literate in the language and culture of your environment within just a year.

Incredible, really. You are so smart and so able.

You developed an understanding about who you are as a member of the family you grew up in, your community and your culture. Certain things became very apparent because your people focused on them.

What you noticed, what was available to your point of view, or your perspective, was shaped by what the people around you told you was important, valuable—and even real.

Other things faded into the background, so much so that you stopped noticing that they were there at all.

Do you ever remember seeing something, feeling something, getting excited about something, and then your parent (or other authoritative adult) saying: “Oh, that’s not real, Honey”?

And that shaped your reality. Literally.
Not just your perception of reality, but literally your reality.

What you focus on expands, and law of attraction lines you up with what you focus on (consciously or unconsciously), and bingo: Your experience becomes your reality.

The good news is that your Spirit, your Soul Self, can’t be confined by your conditioning.

That bigger, more expansive part of you always has a broader, longer, more comprehensive and compassionate view of, well, everything. You are fortunate that way.

A new perspective comes from tapping into your Spirit part, your Soul aspect.

Take a big breath, step a little backward out of the story and sense of reality you’ve been living inside of, and suddenly you see and feel differently.

Perhaps it comes when you are talking with a friend and she shares with you how she experienced a conversation or an experience you two had.

And you realize—wow, her perception of that was totally different than mine. I mean, totally. Her reality and my reality were not the same.

(Western science doesn’t like that idea, so if you are skeptical here, it may be coming from your congruence with that belief system.)

Sometimes it starts when you go to learn from someone who has achieved goals that you also want to achieve and you haven’t been able to do it.

But at first you listen to what he says, and it makes no sense. Like David Neagle saying that Bob Proctor, his mentor, used to say to him that it’s easier to make $50,000 a month than it is to make $50,000 a year, and David thought he was joking. He could not believe it for a long time because it made no sense.

And then maybe you realize—this happened to me—that you have thoughts inside your head such as: “that’s for other people”; “people with money aren’t to be trusted”; “it’s better to not have money but be politically correct/smart/respected.” Ugh.

Then a new perspective emerges. And suddenly you see:

  • The limitations on your thinking.
  • The stories you’ve been living inside.
  • The realization that you’ve been denying yourself experiences you desire, or things that you want, or even the food and living situation that will support your health, well-being and aliveness.
  • Denying yourself because you’ve believed: this is just the way things are.
    That’s just how it is for my people.
  • It’s better this way because I’m more spiritual, or more sustainable, or more politically correct—more something.

And when you see it—when the light of awareness shines on the box you’ve made for yourself—it can be pretty yucky.

It can be uncomfortable. You can feel angry, resentful, confused, disappointed.

Why have I been living this way all these years?! If only I had known before, my life would have been different!!

B R E A T H E.

Breathe because the benefits of this new perception far outweigh what can be the temporary discomforts of awareness.

Sometimes you might pull back and try to re-enter the story, like re-entering the Matrix. Even though I know it’s an illusion, I would rather have my ignorance back.

I hope for you that it’s too late if you try, because I’ll say it again: the benefits far outweigh the discomfort.

Because the more awareness you develop—and as far as I can tell it’s an ongoing thing—the more connected you are to that Soul aspect, that bigger, broader part of you who can REALLY see.

And when you do—oh and when you do—you would be amazed at what becomes visible. Reality is just not what you were taught it is.

Free yourself. Do you know how powerful you really are?

Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job as the Director of Women’s a Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized she’s not built to work for anyone else. Since then, Dr. Ostara has become a Certified Human Design Specialist (Level 4), a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, a highly sought after teacher-mentor, who teaches high-achieving women how to develop their personal sovereignty, to activate their super powers, and to unleash themselves from society’s prescription of success.

She’s the creator of the Soul Signature Self Awareness Project, the Wheel of Power of the Visionary Entrepreneur, and over 20 educational programs focused building soul-inspired businesses that positively impact the world and taking command of your life through personal sovereignty. She’s hosted 5 multi-speaker online conferences, and spoken on over 15 such conferences reaching audiences of over 200,000 participants.

With two decades of experience supporting 20,000+ students and hundreds of clients through her online programs and conferences, Dr. Ostara teaches how to avoid overwhelm and burnout, how to make reliable decisions, how to create a bigger impact with less effort, and how to transform inner liabilities into powerful assets and allies.