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Welcome Starseed! Are you ready to

Welcome Starseed! Are you ready to

What’s your “FEMININE SOVEREIGN” Archetype?

When you discover your “Feminine Sovereign” archetype,you’ll discover
how you’re best designed to engage, contribute, and lead authentically and powerfully.

What’s Your Feminine Sovereign Archetype?

TAKE THE QUIZ to discover which Feminine Sovereign Archetype you most resonate with and to receive teachings on how to empower yourself by aligning with and embodying her  positive characteristics.

Living Your Design


Discover your Human Design, reveal your Soul Signature, and take concrete steps to create your new reality — side by side with Maggie — with Living Your Design Coaching.

Discover Your Human Design

Did you know there’s a map that reveals your gifts and talents, your challenges, your life purpose and your soul curriculum? All this and more when you discover your Human Design!

Soul Inspired Business


Access over 200 articles supporting you to develop a soul-inspired business that positively impacts the world AND provides you with the recognition and revenue you truly deserve. All FREE to you.

Videos &


Learn, be inspired, be uplifted, receive potent suggestions for developing resiliency and your Feminine Sovereignty in Maggie’s library of videos and articles.



Discovering and living my Human Design changed my life forever in a very profound and positive way. Maybe for you, too? Read my story and see if it resonates for you.